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Year 5 Lego Workshop


16 November 2018


Dear Parents/Carers


On Friday 23 November 2019 Year 5 will be having a ‘Learning to Learn’ Science Day.


We have arranged for a Lego workshop to come in and spend the day with us.


  1. children will be investigating and constructing models, linking to the television programme Lego Masters.


The school day, including lunch, will run as normal, and the children will still need to be in their usual school uniform.


We are asking for a donation of £3.00 per child to help towards the cost of the workshop. If we do not receive enough donations the workshop will have to be cancelled.


Please complete the slip below and return to school by 22 November 2018, or make payment on the Gateway system.


Thank you


Mrs D Cole           Miss H Duggan




Year 5 Lego Workshop – Friday 23 November 2018


Please tick below payment method.


I have enclosed £3.00


I have paid £3.00 via the School Gateway online payment system



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