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Year 6 Legoland Trip


14 June 2016


Dear Parents/Carers


As your child is now approaching the end of their time at primary school, we would like to organise a treat for them. On Wednesday 17 July, we would like to take all of Year 6 children to LEGOLAND.


The cost of the trip will be £23.00 and this includes entry to the park and transport there and back. 

Please note that the school will be subsidising this trip to help with the cost.

The water park will be open depending on weather, so the children can bring their swimwear and towel if they wish to go in.

The children may take a maximum of £10 spending money on the day.

This can be paid online via the School Gateway payment system along with giving parental consent. If you require assistance downloading the app, please see below or pop into the office.

Cash or cheque are also accepted. Please can cheques be made payable to Galley Hill Primary School.


All children must be dressed in school PE top along with shorts/trousers, comfortable shoes and a waterproof jacket. They may bring a poncho for the water rides if they have one. We are asking children to wear their PE top because the colour enables us to easily identify them when in the theme park. If your child no longer has one, please ask the class teacher to arrange a spare from the classroom bag.

The coach will be leaving the school at 9.00am and aims to return at approx. 6.30pm. We will keep you fully informed regarding the return journey. Please ensure your child knows whether to walk home or wait to be picked up, as there was some confusion after our most recent trip.


The children will need a packed lunch on the day. However, they can bring their lunches in a rucksack as this will be easier to carry around all day.   NO GLASS BOTTLES, CANS OR SWEETS PLEASE.  

Those children who receive Free School Meals can be provided with a pre-ordered packed lunch on the day. Please state via School Gateway.


As the children will be representing the school, we will have high expectations of behaviour. Any child whose behaviour is inappropriate between now and the trip will lose their place and no refund will be offered!

As this is not an educational trip, ALL children will be required to pay the full amount by Friday 5 July at the very latest. If no payment has been received, your child will not be able to attend the trip. If your child does not wish to go, they must still come into school as normal on that day.


Yours sincerely


Miss Simmons                         Miss Hosein                             Dr Inglis

Year 6 


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