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Zero Tolerance Behaviour and Playground Expectations

15th October 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,


As many of you are aware from newsletters over the last 6 months, we are focusing on the wellbeing of all children at school. We are placing a greater emphasis on the teaching and understanding of emotions and providing all pupils with circle time opportunities to discuss their feelings and experiences at school. We have put various actions in place to make playtimes a happy and safe place for all children.


From today we are embarking on a zero tolerance approach to play fighting in school. In assembly today the pupils took part in a discussion about what is play fighting and its dangers. We discussed how play fighting can involve head locks, knocking others over, pulling clothes, jumping on others, rolling around on the floor with others, pushing, nudging, hitting, kicking and pinching. This also includes the inappropriate use of play-ground equipment e.g. skipping ropes.


We are putting in place consequences if children engage in play fighting. These will involve spending time with the class teacher to discuss the incident, its danger and consequences. If a child engages in a repeated incident of play fighting they will spend time discussing the dangers with their Key Stage leader or myself. You will be informed by the class teacher, key stage leader or myself when your child has been involved in play fighting.


We also discussed in assembly today the playground expectations for before and after school.


Playground expectations before 8.50am and after 3.15pm

Please help the galley Hill Community to have a positive, happy & safe experience on the Schools playgrounds. Our playgrounds are very busy with adults, children and young children. We need to ensure everyone’s safety. These expectations are to ensure no one is hit or hurt while waiting on the playground. We will be talking about these in assembly and the school council will be completing a review of the expectations.


— Bikes and scooters must be walked onto the school playground. No riding bikes or scooters on the school grounds.

—Balls can hit and hurt others. No footballs or balls to be used on the school playgrounds before or after school.

—Please do not sit or stand on the table tennis tables. They are not made to hold the weight of people.

—The benches and petal shelters are to be sat on. Do not stand or climb on them.

—The play trails are not monitored by staff before or after school. Please do not use them before or after school.


All this information will be available to view on the website


Thank you all for your continued support.


Kind regards


Miss Elsey (Acting Head Teacher)

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